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-[FFD]- Leader

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PostSubject: -[FFD]-HallOfFame   Mon Dec 02, 2013 1:52 pm

Hey guys, i was thinking and i finaly got idea about map look and name, but i made it so large(in my opinion).
It is going to be 1 building (something like CIA map) and it is going to be located inside that Green rail zone, but once again, i made it to big.
And around it, there gonna be soething like other buildings and cars maybe (it shall have look like small town zone).

Anyway, my plan is to make it with "Place bomb scenario" where terrorist side need to enter that large building and destroy something valuable inside.

I am sure u wonder why map name is "HallOfFame" :)I want to make room inside that building and make it like some kind of Museum, with all ex and Active FFD members names placed on some king of monuments (thats the room which terrorist side need to destroy) Smile

All i ask from u is to give me size of it, cause idk how big it should be. Size of this existing map is Height:2048 Width:14976 Breadth:16384
And if u have ideas how other side should look plz tell me, cause i imagined only that big SF side building for now Smile

Here is link for map download: mediafire.com download/ik3shzp3mi9twz0/TO-%5BFFD%5D-HallOfFame.unr

ps. 1 more thing, when u make size, plz let it be divisible by 128.
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-[FFD]- Member

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PostSubject: Re: -[FFD]-HallOfFame   Mon Dec 02, 2013 8:53 pm

It's too big ...

Try with : Height : 2000
Width : 5000
Breadth : 5000
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Clan Friend
Clan Friend

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PostSubject: Re: -[FFD]-HallOfFame   Fri Dec 13, 2013 3:29 pm

Height:2048 Width:14976 Breadth:16384
Hight 2048 works but the other sound way to big.


H: 2048
W: 5120
B: 5120

And you can always take buildings from other maps and export/import them Razz

And a normal box u can jump on also vent size is 64x64x64
a player length is about 128(height)
So your bush is 2x128(two players length) so a big bush xD

ex: Building on cia is around(not exactly but close)

Heigth: 1024
Width: 2048
Breadth: 768
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PostSubject: Re: -[FFD]-HallOfFame   

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