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 [Guide/FAQ]-TacticalOps.INI Strings/Values Explantation-

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PostSubject: [Guide/FAQ]-TacticalOps.INI Strings/Values Explantation-   Tue Nov 26, 2013 6:27 pm


Did you ever were curious about what each line stands for in "TacticalOps.INI"?
Dunno about you, but I got really curious about it so I decided to learn more about it. Reason for that was that I'm owner of 5.1 sound system so quite often default settings made sound flickering. Since I'm originally used to play "Unreal Tournament 1999" a lot back in the days I'm no stranger to its engine and possibilities (which is/are good even for these days believe me you!). Talks, talks... let's get it started!

Audio Settings:

Latency=60 (available settings: many. Editing this one can help to fix various "sound artifacts")
OutputRate=22050Hz (available values: 8000;11025;16000;22050(default);32000;44100(recommended for most users);48000.)
EffectsChannels=16 (available values: 16(default);32. This affects sound depth. Recommended 32.)

Graphics Settings:

UseTrilinear=True (default) (available values: True/False. This affects how texture filtering is applied. For best image quality recommended set to False)
UseS3TC=True (default) (available values: True/False. This one is leftover from good ol' UT it controls using higher resolution textures which came on 2nd CD. Useless option for TO)
LODBias=0.000000 (default) (available values: positive and negative. This string affect textures. Negative values sharpens them while positive blurs. Useful option for making textures look better at cost of performance if set to negative. Positive values improves game performance.
UsePalette=True (default) (available values: True/False. If there is hardware support for paletted textures, using them can significantly improve performance)
VolumetricLighting=False (default) (available values: True/False. Controls vivid lightning in-game.
ShinySurfaces=True (default) (available values: True/False. Toggles whether to use or not various shiny decals in-game)
Coronas=True (default) (available values: True/False. Responsible for displaying various effects like empty bullet shells for example)
MaxAnisotropy=16 (available values: 0-16. Controls texture filtering. By other words lower value will make them look "grainy" while higher "smoother")
UsePrecache=False (for OpenGL renderer default) (available values: True/False. Loads up various game assets before a match. Can improve performance when set to True)
NumAASamples=32 (available values: 0-32. Controls anti-aliasing level which on higher values removes flickering of textures etc. Higher setting that 4 recommended for high performance PC's!!!)
UseAA=False (default) (available values: True/False. This toggles whether to use anti-aliasing or not.)
FrameRateLimit=0 (default) (available values: your monitor refresh rate max. Controls whether frame limiter is off=0. Changing value to you monitor refresh rate automatically turns on vertical sync. which removes screen tearing.
SwapInterval=-1 (default) (available setting: -1; 0; 1. -1 simulating vertical sync. 0 disables it. 1 enables it.)
BufferTileQuads=False (default) (available values: True/False. This improves text rendering performance.)
UseDetailAlpha=False (default) (available values: True/False. Another texture rendering option. According to official source highest performance texture use. Thread carefully!!!)
RefreshRate=0 (default) (available values: 0-disabled; your monitor max. refresh rate)
GammaCorrectScreenshots=False (default) (available values: True/False. Corrects taken screenshot darkness/brightness. Recommend to set to True!)
For now I will try to explain settings for these two VGA's "nVidia®" and "AMD ATI®". If you're an "nVidia" owner you should use "OpenGL" renderer since it performs nicely under "nVidia's" (according to what officials recommends and some computer geeks over most forums). If you're an "AMD ATI" owner then you should use "D3D" renderer (in comparison to "OpenGL" rendering engine this one proven to be more stable, not only in TO but for other games and software). Once again this is not mine opinion it's those smart guys who works in connected industry and some computer geeks I believe.

To Be Continued!

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PostSubject: Re: [Guide/FAQ]-TacticalOps.INI Strings/Values Explantation-   Wed Nov 27, 2013 1:13 pm

Really usefull, When i'll have a better pc Smile
Great job !
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[Guide/FAQ]-TacticalOps.INI Strings/Values Explantation-
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