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 Mgross.sG` - [Accepted]

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-[FFD]- Member

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PostSubject: Mgross.sG` - [Accepted]   Mon Aug 18, 2014 3:14 pm

Ingame Name: Mgross.sG`
Real Name: Meelis Gross
Date Of Birth: 08/14/1989
Country: Estonia
Languages i speak?: Estonian, Russian, English, A little bit of finnish, and understand context in german and polish !
Why do i want admin powers on FFD servers?: To ban every FFD member who shows up there!

But for real - because sometimes some gay-ass cheaters bug me and there is no admin around from time to time.
Also i am kind of active player.
Previous admin experiences: sG admin + a lot of them during my 14+ years of TO. Coolhot aswell.
Will I be active on the forum?: Yes, i suppose. Not the most active, but i'll visit from time to time.
Do other people play the Tactical Ops from the same network/computer as me?: No, so no reason to be afraid of someone joking on my behalf.
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Mgross.sG` - [Accepted]
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