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 MARTY - [Accepted]

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Clan Friend
Clan Friend

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PostSubject: MARTY - [Accepted]   Fri Jun 06, 2014 12:00 pm

Dunno if you guys need more admins, but it's kinda annoying to play with cheaters/FF'ers when there isn't anyone that can kick them. So I would like to apply for a SA.

Experience in game: I play this game since 2003, so experience enough Smile.
Experience as an admin: I used to have SA on some servers back in the day, for example *][inf, fnv and q4q servers. I've been an admin on sG server for a while now.
Activity on forum/in game (per day): I'm active ingame and check most TO forums frequently Smile.

I've been managing the sG bans for a long time, so I have enough experience with being an admin.

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-[FFD]- Member
-[FFD]- Member

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PostSubject: Re: MARTY - [Accepted]   Fri Jun 06, 2014 1:45 pm

I think he is one of the most experienced admins in sG server Smile
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-[FFD]- Leader
-[FFD]- Leader

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PostSubject: Re: MARTY - [Accepted]   Fri Jun 06, 2014 5:09 pm

My vote.
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Twisted Ass
Clan Friend
Clan Friend

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PostSubject: Re: MARTY - [Accepted]   Tue Jun 10, 2014 9:50 am

Don't really know u, but u are experienced enough. Another experienced admin is always a +
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PostSubject: Re: MARTY - [Accepted]   

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MARTY - [Accepted]
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